TWIT says XM Sirius not worth the money

OK, so I’m listening to the This Week in Tech podcast.  This week, Leo Laporte, John Dvorak and Molly Wood were discussing the Sirius XM Radio situation.  The company is in serious trouble.  Both Molly and Leo were wondering why in the world anyone would subscribe to the service and Dvorak chimed in with ‘$120 a year is expensive.’  Then, they go on to suggest that other alternatives are better and PROCEED TO EXPOUSE THE iPhone.  WHAT?  Why the hell does it always come back to this device?  Leo suggests that you can use some application from the iTunes store on your iPhone to listen to streams in your car.  Whatever.  Look, I don’t have an iPhone.  I don’t plan on buying one anytime soon.  $120 a year is NOT expensive to me, considering Sirius XM is the ONLY place I can get some of the content I want.  I do not use my satellite radio for music only, in fact, I listen to very little music.  I listen NASCAR radio.  I listen to the comedy channels.  I listen to the news stations.  I rather enjoy not having to search for radio stations while travelling.  Satellite radio is worth the money, IF it has something for you.

I don’t know what planet Molly Wood lives on, or Dvorak or even Laporte.  It generally like all three, but there are times I just have to wonder what reality they live in.  I must be a California thing.  Since most of the podcasts I listen to are out of California – San Francisco, mostly- it just seems like a different world.

TWiT is not the only one.  I have written about this before.  Alex Lindsay and the This Week in Media crew are another shining example.  To these people, broadcast media is non-existent.  Alex wonders why people buy magazines.  The TWiM crew use the internet to get television programming…why would you limit yourself to times and days for a program?  While that might be a good point, the fact is they are in a minority.  A very small minority.  And, seriously, until I am assured that Comcast won’t cut my service for going over some arbitrary bandwidth limit, I am not going spend much time watching Hulu or where ever else I could get programming.

So, how do you get your news and entertainment?  Do you subscribe to Sirius XM?  Do you still watch television?  Share your thoughts.

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2 thoughts on “TWIT says XM Sirius not worth the money

  1. George, while I agree with you on the iFruit things, I am not so sure about XM/S. I never saw the point of it. I guess I do not drive enough to justify the expense (my commute is a whopping 15 minutes which includes dropping the kids off). When we go on a long trip I load up my Samsung music player with tons of podcasts and off we go. the kids usually watch a DVD or read or bicker…Christy usually sleeps…so what’s the use of XM? As for Tv on my computer – I am with you as well: I cannot trust Comcrap to keep their end of the bargain, so I would be reluctant to go web-only. I do watch TV but never live – perhaps the SuperBowl was the last live thing I have watched on TV. And now with a subscription to Netflix the need for live TV dwindles fast, so I can see the value of an on-demand medium – but there are issues with who will carry the signal etc.Tks Leo Campos

  2. Sirius XM, for me, is worth every penny. My wife is not as receptive to my podcasts or even my musical taste. But we do share some sports, comedy and news interests, so there is always something on the Sirius XM radios for us to listen to when we do travel. I’m a NASCAR/Motorsports nut, so having the NASCAR channel and the IndyCar channel (on XM) available is HUGE. She likes NASCAR as well. And we do listen to the music at home. We have an XM radio in our bedroom and my son has one in his room. He can listen to what he wants and we listen to what we want, sans commercials. It is not for everyone, like cable tv is not for everyone. And, it is a HARD, HARD sell … the notion of PAYING to listen to radio. Most people just don’t get it.

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