A Byte of Apple

This week in Apple

  • Another iPhone lawsuit.  Picsel is suing Apple over the graphics rendering technology in the iPhone.  They claim Apple treads on several of Picsel’s patents.  If successful, Picsel stands to gain a truck load of cash.  Isn’t capitalism…er, our patent system, great?
  • AdMob claims that iPhone owns 51% of the US smartphone traffic.  Nokia is number one worldwide, but iPhone beat all in the US and beat Motorola by ten percent.  Impressive for a device that has been out for less than two years.
  • Apple claims that jailbreaking your iPhone is illegal.  Apples says that to jailbreak or ‘free’ an iPhone for third party applications requires breaking the mechanism that prevents adding an application to the device outside of iTunes and that violates the DMCA.  Apple and the EFF are arguing the issue.
  • Snow Leopard to do something Windows has done for a long time: load printer drivers on demand.  Yep, for years, Windows has only installed drivers for printers as needed but, apparently, Mac OS X has installed all drivers, regardless if they were used or not.  Starting with Snow Leopard, the next release of Mac OS X, only drivers for existing printers will be installed.  Call it progress.
  • Apple ‘requests’ that Google leave out multi-touch in Android.  I suppose that due to the tight relationship between the two, Google will do what ever it needs to protect that relationship, including bowing to Apple’s ‘request’ that multi-touch be omitted from Android, Google’s smartphone operating system. An Android powered smartphone with multi-touch would be too much of a threat to iPhone. 
  • Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter is on the way.  In another cash generating move, Apple put these funky mini DisplayPort connectors on the new notebooks, making it more difficult-and costly-to use said notebooks with normal display devices.  So, for a mere fifteen bucks, you can now use those displays with your new notebook.
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2 thoughts on “A Byte of Apple

  1. Yeah, I think one of my biggest complaints with Apple is how they nickel and dime you to death. Funny thing, though, most Apple users don’t seem to mind.

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