Microsoft Bytes

  • Microsoft to open retail stores.  Microsoft, today, announced that it was planning to open a chain of Microsoft branded retail stores.  The stores would serve to showcase key Microsoft products such as Windows 7, it’s Live products and Windows Mobile.  David Porter, formerly with Wal-Mart and Dreamworks, is heading up the effort.
  • Windows 7 could go to manufacturing in August, 2009.  CNet has a report saying that Microsoft is set to release Windows 7 to manufacturing.  That means the operating system would be in retail for the holiday season.
  • Moonlight, the open source implementation of Silverlight, has reached 1.0 status.  Novell released the milestone build on February 11.  The 2.0 version is slated for a November release.  The 1.0 release is available as a Firefox download for Linux and PowerPC based Macs.
  • Google licenses Microsoft’s ActiveSync.  Google has licensed the technology so it can allow more tighter synchronization between the Google Sync service and Exchange.
  • Ultimate Extras are toast.  Microsoft has confirmed the death of the ‘ultimate extras’ program-such as it was.  Even though there will be a ‘Windows 7 Ultimate’ edition, it will not have the ‘extras’.  Worse, if you upgrade from Vista Ultimate and have those extras installed, they will, reportedly, disappear.
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