Hard Rock Park may get another chance after all

It appears that a suitor has come forward to rescue the bankrupt Hard Rock Park.  The newly formed company, FPI MB, is going to buy the park for $25 million dollars-a fraction of the $400 million it reportedly cost to construct.  The company has put a $2.3 million dollar down payment.  The sale is subject to the Bankruptcy court approval.  A hearing has been set for February 17.

The company hopes to have the park up and running again by Memorial Day Weekend.

No word, yet, as to who is involved, but a Myrtle Beach local says one person ‘might be Russian.’  Journalism at it’s finest, no?

Once the judge approves the sale, the deal is supposed to close by the 20th of February.  If not, a million dollars is deduced from the price.  For each day beyond that, an additional fifty-thousand dollars will be deducted.

No word on whether or not the ‘theme’ of the park will be changed.  The prior owners had made a payment to the Hard Rock company for use of the name and brand through 2009.

This is good news for rollercoaster and amusement park junkies who live anywhere on the east coast of the United States.  This is a terrific little park.

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