Kindle, Kindle, Kindle…Kindle 2.0 announced and software update for 1.0

Kindle2 Amazon announced the Kindle 2 eReader today.  The new Kindle is thinner, nicer looking and sports a new e-ink screen.  The new device, available on February 24, weighs in at 10.2 ounces and 1/3 of an inch.  It includes 3G wireless so you can download books in under sixty seconds and it’s still ‘free’. The battery is said to last 25% longer than Kindle 1 and includes 2gb of storage. 

The new screen is 20% more responsive and has 16 shades of gray, compared to four for the Kindle 1.

There are several new features, including the Read to Me feature.  Read to me does just that: it speaks whatever book/blog/magazine you want. 

Another new feature is the sync feature.  You may now sync between your Kindles and ‘other’ devices.

The new device also sports a mini-joystick for better control over ‘pointing’ to items on screen. Gone is the ‘elevator’ and thumbwheel from Kindle 1.0.

Full image zoom is also available.

Kindle 2 costs $359 and should be available on February 24.Kindle1.2update

Kindle 1.0 Software Update

Kindle 1.0 owners also got some love today.  Software update 1.2 was released and has  added a few  new things and removed one thing.screen_shot-6665

New Features

  • Device sync
  • Image zoom
  • Enhanced content management: You can now delete things from the home screen.  Scroll to the item and press ‘backspace’
  • Improved character and font support:  New fonts include Greek character and monospaced fonts.

Since Amazon ceased the ‘Ask Kindle Now-Now’, they removed it from the Experimental Menu.

kindlesyncI’ve installed the new software, but have not noticed any significant difference, other than the menu changes.  I suppose that is a good thing.

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