News Nibbles

  • Palm Pre in stores in May?  BoyGenius reports that it found Sprint  documentation stating that the Pre would replace the Treo 755p, which is to reach end of life at the end of May.
  • Microsoft to release six flavors of Windows 7, only two will be publicly available at retail.  Windows 7 Home Premium and Windows 7 Professional are the only two versions to be ‘pushed’ in Retail.  Windows 7 Ultimate will also be available, though in smaller quantities and NOT pushed by Microsoft.  Windows 7 Starter, Basic and Enterprise will be available to corporations and OEMS, with Basic only available in ‘emerging markets’.
  • Zune to be releasing original video content.  Microsoft is partnering with MEAN Magazine to produce a series of videos called ‘Cinemash.’  Cinemash will ‘comedically reproduce’ classic scenes from popular movies.  The series will be free, ad supported and available via the Zune Marketplace.
  • Microsoft to alter UAC in Windows 7…again.  In response to critics this week, Microsoft announced that two key changes to UAC will be made:  any UAC control panel will require elevation;  changes to UAC itself will require elevation.  It is good that Microsoft is listening to testers and critics alike.
  • NASCAR comes to it’s senses and puts an end to the crazy points shuffling.  NASCAR, today, said the points shuffle is over and Marcos Ambrose gets the 35th points position, getting him each of the first five races of the season.  Through some funky ‘alliance’, Brad Keselowski, a rookie this year, was set to ‘inherit’ the Chip Ganassi #41 points, even though Keselowski drives for Richard Childress.  ACK!  Madness, I say!  Just race the damn cars already.
  • Engadget thinks Multitouch in Windows 7 is a gimmick.  In it’s ten second hands on, Engadget concludes that the multitouch gestures are inconsistent and rather pointless.  But, let’s face it, unless you use your computer’s monitor as a tablet, touch is going to be rather pointless.  And, to be fair to them, Engadget really spent more than ten seconds.  It was at least eight minutes as this video demonstrates.
  • Michael Phelps admits photo of him smoking marijuana was real.  While this is a major lapse in judgment and certainly tarnishes an otherwise clean image, it does not mean the man is bad nor should it preclude him from being a role model.  Kellogg has now announced that they will not renew Phelps’ endorsement contract.
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