President Obama got his way: Digital transition post-poned

In what has become the biggest, bone headed decision of President Obama’s administration, Congress has passed a bill that pushes the digital television switch to June 12.  All it needs now is the wisdom and signature of our new President.  He will sign the bill.  With the stroke of his pen, the President will tell the nation that even Congress does not have to abide by the very laws it passes and they can change them on a whim.  The President will also tell us, by signing this misuse of government energy, that, no matter what we are told, we should not put much faith in it because, what the hell, they can change it when they want.

The bill that was passed does allow for stations, who are ready (and why wouldn’t they be?) to make the change whenever the hell they feel like it.  It would be very amusing if the majority of stations shut down the analog signal on February 17.  Very funny indeed.

So, now the transition-something we’ve known about for YEARS AND have had pushed down our throats for months now-is not going to happen until June 12.  Instead of debating solutions to our ‘current economic time’, Congress chose to waste it’s time on changing a date that we’ve KNOWN about.  People had plenty of time to buy a new television or converter box.  But, now Congress feels the need to take on such a noble cause like the digital transition.  Way to go and, Mr. President, that’s a great feather in your cap too.  Nice.  Thanks for watching out for us.

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