Random thoughts while watching the Super Bowl

  • Why do people say that new Linux distros are ‘new’ operating systems?  They are not.  They are simply new versions of an existing operating system. It’s like saying Windows 7 is an all new operating system when, in fact, it is simply a new version of Windows?  It probably is not all that ‘new’ either…I’m sure it contains a great deal of legacy code.
  • Why did Danica Patrick cheapen herself with those silly and demeaning GoDaddy commercials?  She’s quite a talent and does not need this dreary commercialization of herself.
  • I like Al Michaels, I don’t care much for Madden.
  • The commercials, so far, are underwhelming.
  • When is the Daytona 500? I’m so ready for NASCAR.
  • Jennifer Hudson is simply awesome.
  • WWBT-12, Local Richmond NBC affiliate, does great HD
  • Land of the Lost with Wil Farrell?  Seriously? What a waste of a good franchise.
  • Three D TV?  Puh-leeze
  • If the Colonial Fleet had developed a video game console, it would look like the original XBOX.
  • Interception!
  • Leno, primetime x 5 @10, awesome
  • the Boss will be appearing soon…I long for the days of MTV doing the half time show…
  • Interception!
  • No frigging way…td!  Unbelievable…100 yard return
  • Snooze time now…half time show starts momentarily…yippee
  • Monsters v Aliens…cute…should be fun seeing SF get destroyed…or, mayhem in SF anyway…
  • Windows 7 is gonna be great
  • Why didn’t they get U2 for the half time show?
  • I was right, half time show is a snoozer
  • LMAO is funny
  • NBC promos more entertaining than most of the commercials
  • Wow…President Obama FINALLY granting an interview to an American news organization.
  • Oh, that Star Trek promo looked good.  I’m starting to get excited about the movie.
  • Man, this laptop gets HOT!
  • The GI Joe movie looks kinda cool
  • I have a feeling that the game is done…3rd, 6:02 to go
  • And the hits keep coming for Arizona.  Amazing.
  • Pitts kept to 3pts
  • Careerbuilder.com…what an annoying commercial
  • Coke nature commercial was cute
  • Conan…’nuff said
  • Off topic again…Nintendo has sold/shipped 40 million Wii Sports…the most for any game/any console
  • Arizona…TD!
  • Safety…wow
  • WOW! Another Arizona TD!
  • Dear lord…another Danica Patrick GoDaddy commercial.  Oh, Danica!
  • OH MY!
  • There’s the game.  Congrats to Pittsburgh for winning Superbowl 43
  • Pittsburg wins it’s sixth Superbowl.
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