Fixing my brain dead Zune 30

Since the big Zune 30 ‘coma day’ back on New Year’s Eve, I’ve had flaky things happening with my Zune 30.  The biggest problem is that every time I went to sync the device, Zune Marketplace told me that the device was linked to account that no longer existed.  Well, it did.  Then, over the last few days, NONE of the subscription music would play on the device and even some of the purchased content would not play, it kept telling me that the file could not be found.

So, today, fed up with it all and on the verge of purchasing a new device (which, I really do not want to do right now) I fixed the problem…so far.

The first thing I did was erase all of the content on the device.  I then told the Zune Marketplace to forget the device.  This has the effect of starting over.  After relinking the device, by disconnecting and re-connecting the device to the computer.

After going through the setup again, I let all of my music sync up to the device.  I was able to play all of the subscription content as well as the purchased content.  I then went through and setup the podcasts, video and photos that I wanted on the device.  So far, it is working well.

This reminds me of the four time I’ve had to do something similar with the bloody iPod.  In fact, the iPod continues to have problems syncing while, until today, the Zune has been pretty easy and problem free. 

I realize that problems will occur, but it seems to me that stuff that should ‘just work’.  I should not have to spend a half of a day fixing something that, by all means, should not have happened.  I expect this from the iPod, not my Zune.

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