News Nibbles (or Nybbles, depending on your geekiness)

  • Apple DRM upgrade goes ala carte.  During MacWorld, Apple announced it’s DRM free catalog.  When the upgrade went into affect, you had the option of upgrading tunes you already purchased.  Problem was that it did not give you a choice: it was all or nothing.  Depending on the number of tunes to upgrade, that could get quite costly.  Well, after weeks of complaints, Apple has now ‘done the right thing.’  And, as usual, they have placated critics and are, once again, off the hook.  Another free pass.
  • The EU still hates Microsoft and wants them to bundle other crappy browsers like Chrome with Windows.  Apparently, the fact that OEM’s can add whatever they want, the EU wants Microsoft to bundle browsers like Firefox and the Chrome browsers—both of which seem to be full of security holes.  I’ve an idea, what not force them to bundle Safari as well.  I’m sure Apple would love that.
  • Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich has been impeached.  By a house vote of 114-1, and a senate vote of 59-0, the governor was impeached because of the corruption charges leveled against him. He has been removed from his office and barred from holding any public office in Illinois.  Guilty or not, the process used to impeach him was not only wrong, but very unfair.  Anytime a person has little or no chance to defend him or herself, another part of our liberty goes away.
  • Sony game division posts decline in revenue and game sales.  The third quarter was particularly bad for the company.  Across all of it’s game platforms, sales were down.  Even the hardened PS2 suffered a somewhat steep decline.  The PSP and PS3, of course, were also down.  The division suffered a 32.2 percent decline in revenue over the same period in 2007.  Given Sony’s other woes, one has to wonder just how long they will maintain three platforms.  They should kill the PS2 now and focus on the PS3.  PSP does ok,  but they really need to concentrate on PS3 if they really want it to go ten years.  Frankly, I just don’t see that happening.
  • Amazon is supposedly set to announce the Kindle 2.  On February 9, they will hold a press-conference in New York City.  Among the new features of the device, an e-ink screen that can update more quickly, smaller buttons and a new shell.
  • Internet Explorer 8 RC1 formally released.  On Monday, Microsoft unleashed it’s more standards-compliant browser.  Early tests have shown that it is not much faster than previous browsers, but does adhere, better anyway, to web standards…which, ironically, can break sites that have been coded for Internet Explorer compatibility.  There’s just no winning here.
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2 thoughts on “News Nibbles (or Nybbles, depending on your geekiness)

  1. I still want to know how, if I browser isn’t added as part of the OS install how will you get to or chrome???? no apt-get

  2. Apparently, there are no technically inclined people in the EU to figure that out. Last I saw, they were suggesting the inclusion of the other browsers-by Microsoft-in the installation package of Windows. Much like MS included AOL years ago. Probably OK, but it should be MS’s and the other’s call, NOT the bloody EU or US govs.

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