President Obama got his wish…Digital TV transition postponed until June

Incredible.  For years now, we’ve been told that the digital television transition would take place on February 17, 2009.  Only, it won’t.  President Obama and his administration suggested that we have a nice, four month delay until June 12.  Presumably, it is to give procrastinators more time to get and use those $40 coupons.  It also gives the government more time to fund that program. In actuality, all it is going to do is further confuse those who are either easily confused already or those who just chose to be confused and not bother to find out what it’s about. It’s not like the broadcast stations have not already explained. Over and over. And over. And, yet again, over.  I can’t fault the new President too much.  He has to accomplish much in his first 100 days, and this was an easy target. 

This is probably the dumbest thing I’ve seen the government do since they mandated the transition…TEN PLUS YEARS AGO.  It’s not like no one knew this was happening. Well, maybe Mr. Obama missed it.  Or one of his advisors.  The last administration did it’s level best to postpone it…and did so, several times.  The coupon program was fully funded.  That it was not administered all that well is no reason to postpone this again.  So what if a few people get ‘blindsided’?  If they do not know by now, then so be it.  Those converter boxes are not expensive.  The only reason they cost as much as they do is because of the coupon program.  The Venturer box that I purchased was worth about ten to twenty dollars.  I paid seven, using the coupon.  If that funding went away, I will bet you those boxes come down ten to twenty dollars from what they cost now.

This is absurd.  The mere fact that the Senate today even took this up is absurd.  They made the damn law years ago.  Stick with it.  This is your tax dollars doing great work.

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