Bill would require camera phones to be noisy

In yet another colossal waste of Congressional time, New York Representative Pete King has reintroduced a bill that would require all camera equipped cell phones to make a noise that is ‘audible within a reasonable radius’ and also not be disabled.  At all.  Think about that.  Mr. King wants your camera phone to be loud and noisy when you take a photo.  The bill, called ‘Camera Phone Predator Alert Act’, is yet another proposed law that is being proposed under the guise of safety.  It is already bad enough that people can be arrested or kicked out of places for taking pictures of buildings or of their children, now this Congressman wants to make taking a picture a loud, obnoxious act.  Never mind that New York, and the country, has far more important problems, he wants to make sure this non-issue gets its due attention.

Funny, the bill says nothing about digital cameras making a mandatory sound and even less about said camera phone from being obnoxious when you take VIDEO with the device.

The bill was originally introduced in 2007 and went nowhere. Let’s hope it’s fate is the same this time too.

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