Applesauce: Some Mac news from around the net

Mac Trojan

As inconceivable as it may sound, a Mac Trojan is in the wild.  It is embedded in a bootleg copy of  iWorks ‘09 that is available via BitTorrent or downloads from questionable sites.  When the package is installed, the Trojan service installs itself as a startup service.  The actual iWorks ‘09 that is delivered this way is not affected.  The best way to avoid this is to buy a legit copy of the package.

President Obama’s staff is forced to use old Windows computers

Apparently, during the transition from President Bush to President Obama, no one bothered to inspect the IT aspect of the White House.  It was quite a shock to some of the President’s staff that the computers were old and had Microsoft Office 2003 installed as well.  Oh, the horror!  There seems to be some restrictions on the web sites that they can use.  Facebook willsectraedge not be one of them.  Blame the records retention policies that must be enforced, even for the President.

It also seems that the President will get to keep his Blackberry for personal use and use a butt ugly, heavily encrypted and soul-less Windows Mobile phone.  Called the Sectra Edge, the phone is the only one that is certified by the NSA.

Macintosh celebrates a birthday

The Mac was introduced twenty-five years ago this month.  I remember the first time I saw a Lisa.  I was WOWed. The only people who were impressed was the guy demonstrating the computer and myself.  The others, mostly ham radio guys, saw it as an expensive toy.  So did the public at large.  When the Macintosh came out, the attitudes of many of the Lisa detractors changed.  Here was a nicely packaged little computer with that ‘mouse’ thing.  The computer just oozed with goodness.  I wanted one for a long time.  Instead, I got a PC clone with DR-DOS.  I tried to code the GUI from the Mac using a freebie version Microsoft Basic.  Needless to say, my lame attempts did not cool my desire for this nifty little computer.  Fast forward twenty or so years and I finally got my Mac.  It was a Mac Classic, I think.  128mb of RAM and 20mb hard disk.  The Mac had Hypercard and a really weird version of Basic.  I kept it for a year or so.  I gave it to some kid at a ham-fest I had attended.  The kid, about 12, was so damned excited.  Even though it was old then, that Mac was perfect for the kid. It was easy to setup, easy to use and small.  I kind of wish I had kept it.  Today’s Macintosh’s just don’t have the same kind of charm that the original had.  It was a stroke of genius at the time.  

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