Windows 7: one week later

Windows 7 Desktop I’ve been using the public beta for a week now and, with one exception, it’s been working flawlessly.   The one exception being that I had installed Microsoft’s wonderful World Wide Telescope application and ran it.  I had it running, ‘exploring’ the galactic nursery.  Well, I minimized it, brought up IE 8 and starting surfing.  Before I realized it, I had about nine tabs open.  Of course, I walked away from it at some point and just forgot.  Hours later, the laptop was completely unresponsive.  After some furious CTRL-ALT-DEL action, I got the task manager to appear, but that is it.  The CPU was pegged at a 100%.  I guess task manager was the ‘straw’ that broke it’s back.  I let it sit for awhile, but it never regained any usefulness.  I had to power down and back up.

Aside from that little issue-which I am sure was a memory leak in one of the two, or both, applications-Windows 7 has been pretty danged solid.  I have tried to break it and have not.  Well, save for the situation above.  That was, by the way, only the second reboot.  The first was due to an update (already) I got via Windows update.

Paint, by the way, under Windows 7 is a very adept little application.  While it has few new features, it ‘feels’ far more robust than ever.  I am not sure if it is the new Ribbon UI or because it was re-written, but it just ‘feels’ better.

Overall, Windows 7 seems pretty solid and ready for prime time.  In many ways, it beats Vista hands down and totally obliterates XP.  But, then again, obliterating XP probably would not take too much.  I am, however, still a bit mystified as to why some things were removed and why, WHY were parental controls neutered like that?  Seriously.  What the hell?

What do you think?  Have you been using the beta?  Let us know!

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