Windows 7 file copy and the taskbar, take 2

Windows 7 has already shown me that it  outperforms Vista on a number of levels.  File copy is one.  One of my biggest complaints with Vista is the amount of time it takes to copy files to and from SD cards or from computer to computer.  File copy to and from SD cards is painful under Vista but, happily, not under Windows 7.  While it is not quite as fast as copying a file from directory a to directory b on the same drive, going from disk to SD card and back is now back to XP speed.  I cannot believe I just wrote that.  “Back to XP speed”.  Wow.  XP is dead as far as I am concerned, however, it did do a few things right and file handling was one.  I don’t quite understand what or why Microsoft did what they did with file handling in Vista, but Windows 7 appears to have corrected the problem.  One interesting thing I noted was in copying a file from the Windows 7 machine to one of my Vista machines over the network.  While copying, the title bar of the notification/progress window said “compressing”.  I don’t think I ever saw Vista do that.  It may very well have done that under the hood, but it never SAID it.  There seems to be more things happening, under Windows 7, to let the user know that something is happening.

After a few days, I think the task bar has grown on me…or I have gotten used to it. Not sure about that.  At any rate, the few annoyances I found with the operating system I have either gotten used to or they don’t bug me as much now.    I am almost tempted to put Windows 7 on my primary computer.  I am still a bit weary.  Maybe over the weekend…

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