Khan and Six have passed away

Today, we said good bye to two outstanding actors:  Ricardo Montalban and Patrick McGoohan.  Montalban, always a stand out in anything he did, was most famous for his role on Fantasy Island.  That show ran for 1978 through 1984. Among science fiction fans, Montalban was famous for his excellent, over the top portrayal of Khan in both the original Star Trek series and in the 1982 film, Star Trek II: the Wrath of Khan, arguably the best film of all of the Star Trek films. 

McGoohan portrayed ‘Six’ in the short lived, 17 episode series ‘the Prisoner’.  Initially, McGoohan starred in the 1964 series ‘Danger Man’.  That show lasted only on season, but was revived later for another three seasons.  By then, his popularity was at a high and the popularity of his ‘danger man’ character was just as high.  Not wanting to portray the same character in another TV show, he pitched his ‘Prisoner’ concept.  The show was produced, but lasted just 17 episodes.  His character was similar to ‘danger man’, but was called ‘six’ in the show.  The Prisoner is being remade as a six episode mini-series this fall on AMC. 

Montalban’s cause of death has not yet been released.  He was 88.  McGoohan died after what has been called a ‘short illness.’  He was 80.

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