News Nybbles

  • Windows 7 beta released on time, almost.  Earlier in the week, Steve Ballmer had said that Microsoft would make the Windows 7 beta available, for general download, on Friday, January 9.  They did, but in either a brilliant PR stunt or misguided intentions, Microsoft was ‘overwhelmed’ by the demand and pulled the download down, well the general links, until around noon (EST). They also announced unlimited availability for the next two weeks.
  • “Energy Guzzling” plasma screens may be banned in the U.K.  Yes, apparently the large screen plasma set has been deemed an enemy of the Earth and could be banned by our British friends.  They have been nicknamed the ‘four by fours’ of the living room.  A similar measure is being considered in California.  More here.
  • Using Google is also bad for the Earth.  In another story from our British friends, using data from Gartner, says that doing two Google searches produces as much carbon as boiling a kettle of water.  According to the article, IT produces two percent of global emissions and it’s carbon footprint last year exceeded the airline industry for the first time.  Astounding, if accurate. 
  • In the ‘you’ve got to be kidding’ segment, George the Lobster was set free.  Apparently, George was a ‘pet’ lobster at a New York restaurant.  George lived a peaceful life in a tank.  George was held captive by the mean nasty restaurant.  Or, so PETA wanted us to think anyway.  The lobster is estimated to be about 140 years old and, thus, should be let go.  Apparently, someone from PETA saw the lobster and began a campaign to have George set free.  The restaurant agreed and the lobster will be set free, in the area where it was originally caught.  So he can now swim free…and get caught again.  I suspect he will not be as fortunate next time and will end up on someone’s plate.  While I detest the boiling of these interesting creatures, I would think that PETA has bigger fish to fry, so to speak.
  • Google Chrome to be released..soon…for Mac and Linux.  Huh.  I don’t care.  There are a number of good browsers for all the big (and small) platforms.  Does this really matter?  Opera has them all beat anyway.  No on cares. Nothing else to see.  Move along.
  • Gillette Evernham and Petty Holdings this week announced that the two teams have merged.  As I blogged about previously, Petty Enterprises is no more.  The combined company, still unnamed, will run out of GEM’s current shop.  Reed Sorenson will drive the famed number 43 this season.  Sigh. Nothing against Reed, but I was hoping for a more seasoned driver.  Good Luck to them all.
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