More on Windows 7…annoyances

After just a little bit of exploring, I found out (I think I knew this already, but was surprised nonetheless) that Parental Controls has been neutered.  The single biggest feature, the web filtering, is missing.  You must now download a provider for this.  Why?  Justice Department crap?  This makes little sense to me.  I don’t have an issue with allowing other providers, but is there, really, a problem with leaving what WAS already there and working perfectly in place?  Seriously?

Also, as had already been announced, Movie Maker is gone, along with the more robust photo gallery.  Of course, the LIVE Essentials version of Photo Gallery is better, why not at least put the damn link on the desktop to download it?  And Mail?  Sigh.  Something that has been included since, what, 3.1?  I know, we knew this was coming.  But, really?

One other minor annoyance I have found is that the ‘my’ isIE stacked icons back:  My Documents, My Music, My Pictures and My Videos…all back.  Sigh.  I had just gotten used to-and LIKED-those folders without the ‘My’ prefix.  Oh well, a minor nit…but a nit nonetheless.  This might fix the problem with Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 though.  So that is something.

I’ve played around with the taskbar a bit.  I don’t find the default settings as annoying as others (Paul Thurrot, I’m pointing at you!)  but I do find it a bit displeasing:  there does not seem to be a way to change the spacing of the icons.  One thing I DO like:  for grouped icons, it shows a little ‘stack’ of them.  Hover over the stack and you get a nice live preview, similar to Vista, but you see all open windows at once and you can control them from this preview.  Nice.

I’m going to dive back in. I’ll post other findings later.

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3 thoughts on “More on Windows 7…annoyances

  1. I am not a big fan of the taskbar, mainly the spacing. In general early testing shows this is a dramatic improvement in terms of performance. I am running it on an old laptop. I did the Vista Beta on this unit and wow was that slow. Since then I have been doing my Linux testing on it. Installed Windows 7 (which wow the install was very quick) on it and I am very impressed.

  2. Yeah, I’m not crazy about the spacing either, but I guess I can get used to it. The parental control this is more of an annoyance to me. Since we just got my son a laptop for Christmas and it has Vista, this is not much an issue now for us, but for other parents, boy, it’s just dumb. I don’t get it.

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