News Nybbles

  • Steve Jobs has a hormone imbalance that has caused his weight loss.  The CEO of Apple released as statement describing is problem and that he has started treatment.  I’m glad he’s doing well and I certainly hope that this curtails the speculation about his health.
  • Zune 30 coma was due to a bug in the clock ‘drivers’, courtesy of Toshiba.  The original Zune was a rebranded and slightly changed Toshiba Gigabeat, which, by the way, also suffered the December 31 shut down.  They are working fine now.  Thanks, Toshiba.
  • CES and MacWorld begin this week.  No doubt, wonderful things will be talked about and displayed. We will all be duly impressed, no doubt.
  • Stuart Smalley ‘wins’ in Minnesota.  Doggone it, people like him. Al Franken is about to be certified as the winner in a very close race for senator.  Seriously.  At the risk of getting political-something I try to avoid-what the hell?  I guess it is no worse than Sonny Bono being mayor or…oh hell, forget it.
  • Chrysler received it’s first “loan” of 4 billion dollars, US.  This will ‘get them through’ until March. What?  This just blows my mind. Give the money to NASA.  Let them do something worthwhile.
  • Speaking of NASA…the director’s wife sent a letter to President-elect Obama asking for her husband’s job.  While I commend her loyalty to her husband, that had to be embarrassing to the director.  I hope he keeps his job too, but c’mon…what was she thinking?
  • Tim Kaine-the governor of my home state, Virginia-is the new head of the Democratic party.  Congrats to him.  I hope he fares better than the previous former governor turned chairman of the Republican party…look it up in Wikipedia.
  • Phishing scam hits Twitter and some Twitter accounts are hacked.  Twitter posted a warning on its blog instructing users that a very good looking fake Twitter home page was, in fact, gathering user names and passwords.  They instruct users to ignore any direct messages.  Go here to read.
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