More people play the original XBOX than PS3 and other useless stuff

The Neilson company released a 14 page PDF report detailing it’s top 10 lists for 2008.  There were lists for everything from the top 10 most watched television shows, top 10 one time telecasts, top 10 movies, top 10 areas for downloadable content (wow, Porstmouth/Newport News Virginia is number ten?  Seriously?) and the top 10 video games.

One really interesting top 10, at least to me, was the top 10 video game console USAGE.  The winner? One of the current generation of consoles, perhaps?  NO. The Sony PS2 is still the most played console.  The PS2 was played %31.7 of the ‘measured console minutes’.  That is the time that the company was able to measure, using a similar method for rating television programming viewership-I’m guessing.  Anyway, Neilson is pretty representative of actual usage, so I’ll not quibble with it’s measurements.  The next two consoles are of the current generation: XBOX 360 and Wii with 17.2 and 13.4, respectively.  The original XBOX comes in fourth and the PS3 is fifth.  Nintendo’s GameCube was next, followed by ‘Other’ which can only mean things like the old Atari consoles, those plug and play things and other vintage consoles.  The real telling fact is that more people still play the original XBOX than the PS3.  Oh, and apparently people really do play the Wii—almost as much as the 360.  I’m not sure about the meaning of that.

Another interesting tidbit comes from the Advertising list: Top 10 Advertisers.  General Motors was number two with an ad spend of $1,441,747,399. Procter and Gamble spent almost twice that much.  Astounding.  GM spent nearly 1.5 BILLION dollars on advertising.  It’s various sponsorships were not, apparently, included in that figure.  Contrast that with Ford, the number 9 spender at only $742,708,529-about half what GM spent yet they sold more vehicles.  Go figure.

Neilson’s report is a treasure trove of useless but interesting data.  You can download the PDF here.

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