Predictions for 2009

The sage in me is coming out this year.  I’ve been thinking about what may happen in 2009 and below are some of those thoughts:

  • President Obama will have his first major crisis by July.
  • General Motors will be forced to file for bankruptcy while Chrysler will be put up for sale once again.
  • Sony will curtail it’s production of Blu-Ray players, including the PS3.
  • Microsoft will release Windows 7 by mid year.
  • Microsoft will announce the XBOX 360 replacement at E3.  It will ship the following year.
  • Apple will announce an iPhone replacement sometime in March or April.
  • HP will begin selling a multi-touch LCD monitor for under 250 dollars.
  • Network television will continue to suffer loss of viewers but will have better success online.  Sites like HULU and YouTube will showcase network programming and draw a sizable audience.
  • Steve Jobs will cut back his involvement at Apple.
  • The digital television switch over in February will be a mixed bag, with the south and north east exhibiting the most confusion and disruption.
  • The Star Trek and Harry Potter films will earn a billion dollars collectively and both will have record openings.
  • Nintendo will sell it’s 60 millionth Wii and the new DSi will be as hard to find as the Wii was in 2007.
  • The Detroit Lions will win a game.
  • Apple will get into the printer business. It is one of the few arena’s they do not yet play in.
  • The DOW will approach 10,000 again by the end of the year, but the economy will remain very weak, though not as bad as previously thought.
  • There will be a major shakeup in the PC market and one major manufacturer will be sold or shutdown.

It will be interesting to see how far off I am next January.  Yeah, I know a few of these are kind of obvious while others may very well be a load of crap.

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