Zune 30 devices get bricked..thanks, Microsoft!

Sometime during the night, my Zune 30-and many, many others-rebooted themselves for some reason still unknown.  When rebooting, the devices get to the 100% mark and then die.  You cannot reset them.  You cannot turn them off. You cannot do anything with them.  Apparently, the issue affects most users who have upgraded the firmware to 3.0 or later.  Microsoft has issued a statement saying that they are working on the problem and ‘thanks for your patience.’  Well, that patience is pretty thin.  Zune was no runaway success before, this can only serve to slow it down even more.  That is unfortunate. 

I sure hope they resolve this soon…like today.  I don’t have any patience for stuff like this.  None at all.

UPDATE:  ZuneInsider-via TWITTER-says “ok all. the issue is a bug in the driver that controls the internal clock. turns out it does not like leap years" and how to fix “as the date flips to 09 the device should be back to normal. let the battery die the plug in and restart once we flip the date.”  More information is coming.

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2 thoughts on “Zune 30 devices get bricked..thanks, Microsoft!

  1. A bit of fortunate luck for me… I bricked my 1stGen Zune last week and bought a new one. Even before this I was very happy with the upgrade….. Going to be hard to fix this one.. the Zune goes right into deadlock so for starters you will have to let it run the battery dead if an when the find a resolution.

  2. Okay the problem is the leap second…. quick but maybe not supported, pop the cover off and pull the battery for a 10 second count. when it comes up go into settings and turn off the clock!

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