Who we lost in 2008

Any end of year remembrance would be incomplete without acknowledging those we lost during the year.  2008 saw the loss of many great people, known and not so well known.  Among those we lost:

  • Eartha Kitt: Known to many simply as the Catwoman from the 60’s Batman show, Ms. Kitt was a sultry singer and performer. She was one of the most talented and beautiful women to ever grace a stage.
  • Ron Hornaday, Sr: NASCAR driver and father to Ron Hornaday, Jr, the Craftsman Truck Series champion
  • Majel Barrett: wife Gene Roddenberry, she was the voice of the Enterprise computer
  • Paul Benedict: best known as the Jefferson’s British neighbor on the Jeffersons TV show
  • John Daly: British film producer
  • Van Johnson: film actor
  • Sir Edmund Hillary: the New Zealand beekeeper who was also the first person to stand at the summit of Mount Everest in 1953.
  • Suzanne Pleshette: played Bob Newhart’s wife on the 1970’s sitcom named for the actor.
  • Heath Ledger: will forever be known as the Joker in the Dark Knight film. 
  • Roy Scheider: Actor, well known for roles in Jaws, Blue Thunder and the television show ‘SeaQuest DSV’
  • William F Buckley, Jr: Author and journalist.  Perhaps the most well known and respected conservative in the United States.
  • Arthur C Clark:  Science Fiction author, inventor of the satellite and futurist.
  • Richard Widmark: well known actor, mostly played crooked businessmen or generally nasty people.
  • Charlton Heston: another well known actor, played ‘Taylor’ in two ‘Planet of the Apes’ films and was the spokesman for the National Rifle Association-something that made him somewhat unpopular in his later years.
  • Jim Mckay: ABC sports commentator, known for his narration of the Wide World of Sports
  • Tim Russert: Respected NBC News anchor and host of “Meet the Press”. Mr. Russert was a soft spoken man who knew when and what to say.  His use of the whiteboard during the 2000 Presidential election in the midst of all of the technology available to him perfectly displays his ability and sharpness.

And, Paul Newman.  As I wrote in another post, Mr. Newman directly touched my own life through his Hole in the Wall camps.  I cannot say enough about this man.

There were many, many more good people that we lost. This is but a short list.  Many of us lost loved ones as well.  Please take a moment to honor and remember their contributions and lives.

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