PSP: how to get photos on the device and a bit of opinion as well

Recently, I was asked to assist a family member in getting photos on a Sony PSP.  I suppose I was asked because of my knowledge of computers, which, apparently, qualifies me as an expert in all things electronic.  Sarcasm aside, I was a bit surprised at how unintuitive and, yet, simple, the process really is.  I criticize Sony almost as much as I criticize Apple.  I’m not a huge fan of Sony.  I consider them a bigger offender of price to value than Apple.  At least when you buy an Apple product, you can feel somewhat comfortable that what you have purchased is of a somewhat higher quality than your ‘average’ product and that the ‘experience’ will be above average as well.  The same is not true of Sony.  Bravia televisions are always going to be better than Westinghouse or even Vizio, but Sony Walkman’s are not going to be as good as an iPod or even a Zune.  Same goes for video games.  The PSP no DS Lite in both quality and games.  The only things the PSP are better than a DS are the beautiful wide screen and somewhat easy method of getting one’s own content on the device-a situation that will change with the DSi.

A memory stick must be in the PSP and you have to set the PSP into ‘USB MODE’.  Once in USB Mode, plug the USB cable into both the PSP and the computer.  Next, if on Windows, a dialog box will pop up asking you what you want to do.  Select the explore option. When Explorer opens, you’ll see the ‘root’ of the device.  Double click the PSP folder.  If there is no ‘PHOTO’ folder, right click and select NEW.  Select folder from the menu.  Type PHOTO in the folder name box (the words ‘New Folder’ will be highlighted in blue.)  Press Enter. Next, drag and drop your photos into the new PHOTO directory.  Once you are done, un plug the PSP or simply use the menu on the PSP to view your photos. 

A fairly simple procedure that is not obvious without some help.  I would have thought that Sony would have included some kind of PC front end to help move files onto or off of the device.

While the PSP has a very nice screen, and seems to do a good job at media playback, it looks and feels a bit cheap.  The case has, to me, a flimsy feel and the d-pad buttons looked undersized for the device.  However, I think that was an anomaly as other flavors of the PSP looked better.

I think the PSP has potential.  It’s form factor is almost there and, as I said, the screen is first rate.  Nice color, sharp and bright.  It almost doesn’t fit with the rest of the device. And the connectivity-once you know how-is pretty good.  I give it a five out of ten.

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