2008 ‘Top Stories’ Lists

Well, it is that time of year again where everyone publishes their best of the year lists.  I’m no different, so below are my top news stories of 2008 lists:

2008 Tech News

  1. Google and T-Mobile release the G1 phone, running Android.  Android is Google’s open source phone operating system. Google’s best software, though, showed up on the iPhone.
  2. Apple releases the App Store.  The App Store is a game changer and other companies, including Palm and Microsoft, are following suit.
  3. Windows 7.  Microsoft finally acknowledged the existence of Windows 7 and releases several alpha builds to developers and the press.  It is mostly received as a positive step for Microsoft.
  4. Apple announces that 2009’s Macworld is its last and Steve Jobs will not be presenting the keynote address.  Nothing more to say here.

2008 Gaming News

  1. Nintendo Wii sells one million units in a week.  During December, Nintendo sold one million Wii consoles during the week of December 13th, underscoring the console’s total domination of the current generation of consoles.
  2. Layoffs, closures and cut backs.  Apparently, the gaming industry was not as immune to the economic downturn as we thought.
  3. Nintendo announces and releases-in Japan-the DSi.  The DSi is the DS Lite replacement.  The unit features two cameras, internal memory, SD card slot and no GBA cart slot. It is already a major hit in Japan.
  4. Microsoft reduces the XBOX 360 price.  Sales take off.  The 360 made great strides in both the US and Europe.  Still languishes in Japan.

2008 Top News Stories

  1. Barack Obama is elected president of the United States.  Obama’s popularity soars.  I certainly hope lives up to the expectations, at least, the realistic ones anyway.  He will be a good thing for the country.
  2. Economy-all over the planet-tanks.  Signs abound during the year, but it reached its zenith in September.  Major banks fail, some of the largest retailers file for bankruptcy.  One of the largest retailers (Woolworths) in the United Kingdom went into administration and one of the largest retailers (Circuit City) in the United States filed for bankruptcy.
  3. Mumbai terror attacks.  The attacks were aimed at ‘westerners’, chiefly Americans and Brits.
  4. Pirates.  The Somali pirates finally got the full attention of not only the press, but of the various navies of the world, including the Chinese, Iranians and Russians.

2008 Top Personalities (US)

  1. Barack Obama:  Being the first African-American President is quite an accomplishment.  A President Obama can do a lot to heal the nation.
  2. Steve Jobs:  The CEO of Apple should be in the press for turning around a failed computer company and reinvigorating the cell phone market.  Instead, the press is focused on his health. Even the mainstream media go in on the act.
  3. Bill Gates:  Mr. Gates ‘left’ Microsoft in 2008, but did not leave the spotlight.  He starred in several rather bizarre commercials with Jerry Seinfeld and spread more of his foundation’s wealth around the world to help cure disease and educate children with computers-running Windows, of course.
  4. President George W Bush:  The now lame-duck President is still letting the country-and world-know he’s not gone yet. He recently ‘loaned’ GM and Chrysler billions of dollars and did the same for many banks-at least one of which decided to party.

2008 Best Tech

  1. Google T-Mobile G1 phone:  The open source Android operating system presents a formidable challenge to the iPhone and is as much a game changer as 2007’s iPhone. 
  2. Apple iPhone 3G: while not completely new for ‘08, the changes are significant enough to qualify.
  3. Nikon D90 DSLR:  This digital SLR from Nikon does HD Video.  Until its release, no digital SLR on the market could do video-something that even the cheapest point and shoot digital camera could do. Like the ten dollar Vivitar digicam from CVS.
  4. Microsoft Zune:  While the hardware did not change-other than new colors and capacity-the software and ecosystem did change.  And the updated software worked on ALL previous models as well, even on my 30gb BROWN Zune.
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