Terrific service from pharmacies: photo books

I like to give photo books to my family, that show-in photos-what we did during the year.  I take lots of photos during the year, so it is often difficult to pull out about sixty or seventy to fill up a coffee table book of ten to twenty pages.  Until this year, I have been buying the kits and doing it myself.  The kits usually have software that aid in page layout, but, even so, it can be time consuming.  Well, this year, my sister gave me a pile of old photos of my mother and her family, my sister and myself.  Most of the photos were damaged and needed to be restored.  I wrote a posting about this a few months back.  Well, I thought it would be nice to give my mother a photo book comprised solely of these photos.  Since time was of the essence, I decided to try the service at one of the local pharmacies.  They all run about the same in price, which was actually cheaper than the kits.  I put 84 of the photos on an SD card and headed to a CVS.  Only reason that I chose them was because it was on the way to another store I had to go to.  With the aid of a very nice young lady, I was able to pick about 60 photos that would look good in the book.  I made a cover photo selection, picked the background colors and pressed done.  In about ten minutes, the pages were printed.  The paper is very nice Kodak paper and the quality of the print was excellent.  It made the restored photos look really nice.  The same young lady used a staple guide to staple the pages, then she attached a slick front and back protective page and inserted them into the hard covers.  The whole process took about twenty minutes.  The result is very nice and a pleasant surprise.   The only complaint I have is that I was not able to arrange the photos in any kind of chronological order, but that is ok.  It would have just added more time to the process.

Photo books are a nice gift at any time and these services sure make it easy.

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