News Nybbles: cut cables, cloud service going desktop and Apple news

  • Apple releases Windows drivers for it’s multi-touch track pads. TUAW has an short little piece on the release of the driver.  The thing I find so interesting about this is that Apple has even bothered to support Windows at all.  I’m glad they do, but it just seems weird to me.
  • Apple announced it’s last Macworld will be the 2009 show and Phil Shiller will give the keynote.  I blogged this earlier and others have covered it to death.
  • RIAA drops it’s lawsuit pursuit for ‘individuals’.  That’s the key and even that is has limits. They will continue to sue anyone who downloads thousands of songs illegally.  The catch, though, is that the ISP now has to play traffic cop.  Go to C|Net for more.
  • Finally, a ‘cloud’ service is shutting down in favor of PC based software.  FixMyMovie will shutter it’s web service in favor of a desktop software.  The service-and, presumably the desktop software as well-takes your low quality movie and attempts to sharpen or, at least, enhance the visual quality by analyzing frames and filling in missing or bad data with information from those analyzed frames.  Kind of like upscaling a DVD.
  • Cables connecting parts of Europe, the Middle East and the United States were severed.  No one is sure how it happened, the cut cables has affected internet service and some cell phone service in France, Pakistan, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Bangladesh, India, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Italy and Egypt.  France Telecom says they are going to send a ship out to fix the problem, which they hope to have completed by December 31.
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