Slate thinks NASCAR should go away

This genius writer over at wrote a profoundly ignorant and short sighted ‘piece’ on Monday entitled ‘Gentlemen, Stop Your Engines’.  Robert Weintraub states that he is a NASCAR ‘fan’ but that the sport should be ‘euthanized’.  He contends that the financial woes of the ‘big three’ automakers (Ford, GM and Chrysler-he apparently does not know that Toyota is now ahead of Chrysler and probably Ford as well)  will, undoubtedly, trickle down to NASCAR and cause all kinds of devastation to the sport.  He also contends that NASCAR should voluntarily shut down until it can race a ‘green’ car.  You know, those 43 cars just spit out all kinds of nasty, noxious fumes and consume so much gas that shutting down NASCAR will solve our problems.  Why, we should not be we wasting our natural resources on such diversions, as he puts it.  Diversions.  Hmm, OK.  Taking his reasoning, then we should also have the following shut down so as not waste precious resources on these diversions (and also save the fuel and prevent the noxious fumes, etc.):

  • Amateur and professional football-the NFL should voluntarily shut down
  • Baseball
  • Hockey
  • Soccer, indeed, all sporting events
  • Movie theaters
  • Movie production
  • Television production
  • Television series production – save for the vital informational stuff we need, like SLATE.COM
  • Amusement parks (just think of the power those rides suck up)
  • Bowling alleys
  • Shopping Malls
  • Newspapers should only print news and weather, nothing else
  • Music industry
  • Anything not related to survival
  • You get the idea

Pretty absurd, isn’t it?  Look, I know that allot of people don’t care for motorsports.  I don’t care much for Basketball (damn, left that off the list, consider it included) either but I would not advocate it’s demise either, even if it is the dumbest sport this side of water polo. 

Mr. Weintraub also fails to realize that the factories have pulled out of NASCAR on several occasions.  Chrysler only re-entered the sport six or so years ago.  The point is, the sport endured before and will do so again.  Yes, some teams will suffer, no doubt.  Yes, some sponsors have left the sport but others have come in to NASCAR.  Times might get a bit tight, but the sport will endure them.  Just like baseball endured the idiotic strikes and scandals.  Speaking of which, when was the last time a NASCAR driver was hauled before Congress to defend steroid use?

Slate has a bias against NASCAR.  Most of the articles it posts regarding NASCAR are negative.  I supposed NASCAR’s origin and early fan base make for good fodder for SLATE.  What they don’t see is that NASCAR reaches across all fifty states and even outside the country…what a concept, eh?

As for Mr. Weintraub, he’s hardly a fan.  How many fans, other than Redskin fans, call for their sport to disappear?  How many fans would not know something about the history of the sport of which they are a fan?  He’s hardly a fan.  He sounds about as much a fan of NASCAR as I am of NBA Basketball.  I can spout of names from that sport, like Magic Johnson, Larry Byrd and Michael Jordan.  I even know a little bit about them.  That does not make me a fan. So for Weintraub to spout off a few names and talk a little about Jimmie Johnson hardly qualifies him as a fan.  I suppose to the readership of Slate, most of whom probably would agree with him, he might seem like an expert.

Hmm..I wonder if the NBA would agree to a voluntary shut down?


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