End of Macworld?

Today, Apple announced that not only will Phil Schiller present Apple’s keynote (instead of Steve Jobs) it also announced that that speech will mark the end of Apple’s participation in the Macworld event.  Apple has steadily dropped out of trade shows such as the NAB and the other Macworld events.  With Apple ending it’s participation in the event, several questions arise.  Questions like:

  • is this end of Macworld?  NO! IDG Says that the 2010 show is going to happen without Apple.
  • why is Schiller giving the speech?
  • how will Apple make it’s big announcements?
  • where will the Apple faithful gather in January?
  • what will the Apple faithful have to fret over with no Apple at Macworld?

OK, those last two aren’t very fair, but they were funny, no?  So, I’m wondering how long it will take before the speculation starts about Steve Jobs.  Is anything wrong?  Why is he not giving the speech?  Does Apple not have anything big to present?  Is Jobs tired of the lukewarm responses he got through 2008?  Do we care?

I suspect Apple will be replacing Macworld with some kind of event of it’s own.  You know how they want total control.  At any rate, today’s announcement has caught everyone, even me, off guard.  It is generating buzz, and maybe that was the goal.  Who knows. I wonder if Schiller gets the same adoration during his keynote that Jobs got.  I wonder if anyone shows up.  I wonder why I care.

UPDATE:  IDG announced that this is not the end of the show.  While they may have the 2010 show scheduled, that does not mean that it will still take place.  And, even if it does, is it REALLY Macworld without Apple?  I’ve never been, never cared to go, but, from what I can tell from the last decade, the Apple presence is what people went to see.  They went to see what Jobs was going to show and hear what he had to say.  With out that, what’s to see?  Oh, sure, there will be other vendors there showing off Mac oriented goods.  Hey, here’s a thought: what if Microsoft shows up with a significant presence…they become, by default, the biggest Mac company there.  How delicious for them would that be?  Food for thought!

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