Pocket-Lint : Avoid this site

I went to this site because of a reference about e-ink displays.  When I went there and clicked the link to the story, the browser became unresponsive.  So, I went to close that tab.  The tab closed, but then a storm of browser windows opened.  A dozen or so opened up and began to render something. I tried to close them immediately and got down to three windows when my antivirus kicked in and informed me that a harmful file wanted to download and asked if I wanted to allow it. Of course, I said no.  The window did not want to close so I ended up opening the task manager and killing all instances of the browser.  This site looked legit and had tons of news and legit looking stuff.  Unfortunately, it appears to want to drop crap on your computer as well.  The site appears to live in the U.K. as it had a .co.uk url.  Avoid it.  Bloody pirates!


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