Grow up Sony!

Sony, what the hello are you thinking?  In yet another boneheaded move, Sony felt it was OK to collect private information on children 13 or under.  Thursday, they agreed to pay a million dollar (US) fine to the Federal Trade Commission for collecting information on about thirty thousand children without parental consent.They did the data mining using web sites ranging from those of Kelly Clarkson to Britney Spears and other artists.  What? 

C|Net has a funny list of missteps and bad judgment from Sony.  Check it out here

It is but one more reason why this company just needs to reboot itself. They need to can all of it’s management and just start over.  Remember, this is the arrogant company that truly believed that people would get second, third or fourth jobs just to buy it’s bloated and over price video game console. It is the same company that keeps trying to foist funky memory media upon the world.  It is the same company that felt it necessary to put root kits on your computer IF you had the nerve to want to listen on of it’s CDs.  It is the same company that is cutting five percent of it’s workforce and shuttering ten plants because NO ONE WANTS TO BUY IT’S PRODUCTS.  It’s products, while nice and well made, are terribly over priced.  Sony makes terrific stuff.  Even the Playstation 3 is a quality product. I never read stories about them failing and, to my knowledge, they have not lost a billion dollars due to quality control. No, they lost the billion or more dollars because it is over engineered and too damn expensive.  And, Blu-Ray?  Seriously?  Your average Wal-Mart shopper is NOT going to pay more than twenty-dollars-IF THAT-for a movie that they can get on DVD at the same or lower price. They are not going to pay two hundred or more dollars for a Blu-Ray player, even if it is a game console too. 

When Sony realizes that they cannot act like teenagers and sell expensive products, they may actually be profitable again.  In many ways, Sony is like Apple.  They both make fine products, most of which are terribly over priced.  The difference, though, is that Steve Jobs does not act like a teenager.  Apple will never have ‘comely women dancing topless’ and rotting carcasses at it’s press events.  If Sony wants to play in the over priced product market, then they should take a page from Apple’s play book and act like adults.


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