Making Windows XP look like Windows 7

I found a great tutorial on making your XP install look like Windows 7.  Graphic from Vishal GuptaEven though XP is long in the tooth,  it still has some life left in it and for some people, that is probably the newest operating system they can run, at least until 7 is released.  The tutorial is on the Tweaking with Vishal web site.  This site is a great resource for XP, Vista and Windows 7.  It also covers other things, but I only care about the Windows stuff.  There is a tutorial on making Vista look like 7 and it is pretty straight forward.  The XP to 7 tutorial is a bit more involved since XP shares little in common with 7, compared to Vista.  I would back up my system first since you will be replacing or editing some system files.  As with anything, take care in doing this.  It looks like it is worth doing, though.

Link: Make XP look like Windows 7

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