The Antikythera mechanism: alive again after 2000 years

Michael Wright,the former curator of Mechanical Engineering at the London Science Museum, created a working model of the 2000 year old Antikythera mechanism.  The device, an astronomical computer, is the oldest known computer.  It was discovered in 1901 and has been studied by a number of people over the years.  Mr. Wright, using a technique called X-Ray tomagraphy, created detailed drawings of the inner workings of the device.  He then built a fully functional working model.  You can see the device in action as well as a description of what it is doing here.  I wonder if my Kindle will cause such a quest in two thousand years.  Nah…it likely won’t last ten years. I’ll bet my son’s dirty diapers from ten years ago will be unearthed in two thousand years…

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