Teacher threatens police action over Linux

A teacher has threatened to call the police on the HeliOS project because one of her students was giving a demonstration of Linux during her class.  The teacher, who is obviously an ignorant teacher, said “At this point, I am not sure what you are doing is legal. No software is free and spreading that misconception is harmful. I will research this as time allows and I want to assure you, if you are doing anything illegal, I will pursue charges as the law allows.”  She was under the misguided impression that Linux is stolen and that “the claims you make are grossly over-stated and hinge on falsehoods.” On top of that, she then said that the world runs on Windows and that putting on a carnival show for an operating system is not helping the children at all.  WHAT?  Not only that, she then said that if they wrote Microsoft, she was sure that Microsoft would send copies of an older version of Windows.  Seriously?  How are people like this allowed near a class room to begin with?  I am not a big fan of Linux, but threatening a group because they wish to spread the free OS is absurd.  There is nothing wrong with Linux and it has a purpose. Just because you don’t like something does not mean it is bad for everyone.  Get a clue lady!

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