Macbreak Weekly, Computer Shopper reviews and other things to rant about

Today I listened to the most recent edition of Macbreak Weekly with Leo Laporte, Scott Bourne, Andy Ihnatko and Alex Lindsay.  I usually enjoy listening to all of these people and can, generally, just ignore the anti Windows  remarks coming from them, mostly Scott Bourne.  Today’s installment, though, got me a bit perturbed but then I wondered, ‘do all or most Mac user’s have this same perception?’  And that’s what it is, a perception.  At one point during the program, which seemed more anti-Windows than normal (and, yes, I realize it is a Mac/Apple touchy feely kind of show,) they got to discussing anti-virus applications for the Mac.  Of course, the whole virus/malware on Windows subject as it always does with this group.  But what really nagged me and then raised my question was when Scott says ‘I put on a rain coat when I go down THAT aisle at Best Buy’ when referring to having to walk past the PC’s.  I think Leo chimed in that ‘yeah, this is a REALLY BAD time to be a Windows user.’  LEO!  What?  You said that?  What the hell for?  They go on to just trash Microsoft’s operating system.  And, then of course, they have to say ‘well, we ARE safe’.    These are intelligent people, but this whole conversation made them sound like teenagers.  I know Windows has been a haven for malicious people and there are people using the platform who just don’t know what kind of crap is out there but that does not make the operating system a pile of poop.  The overwhelming amount of malware these days is delivered via some kind of social engineering (i.e. luring some one to click a link or download something) and NOT from just starting up your computer.  If you did not know any better-and I suspect there listeners of this show who don’t-you’d think that every Windows PC on planet is dangerous and should be destroyed.  While I am sure a certain guy named Jobs (and one named Bourne) would be happy, it is bs nonetheless.  Look, the only time I ever got bit by something bad was because I did something really bad.  I fixed it and moved on.  I don’t worry about this crap and, really, neither should anyone else.  Run your AV software and be prudent.  The ones I really think are in danger these days are those very same smug Mac user’s who just don’t think they will be a victim.  One day, they will be.

I got my latest issue of Computer Shopper. Yeah, I’m one of those weirdo’s who still enjoy reading a real magazine.  So, I’m reading through this thing and paid attention to the computer reviews.  As with any review, these were mostly opinions of the reviewer and, in the long run, don’t mean much to me.  However, the problem I had with most of them are the so called cons.  One desktop was actually dinged because it did not have a Blue Ray disc drive.  Huh?  Oh, right…it had that HDMI port so, naturally, it should have had a BD drive.  I don’t get this.  Why the hell should it be marked down because it had an HDMI port and no BD drive?  Makes no sense.  Another review of a netbook was just as bad:  the machine was praised for the inclusion of ‘switchable’ graphics but dinged because it could not quickly encode video.  Now, I don’t know about you, but I would NEVER EVER buy one of these things and then use it to encode video.  People who buy these will buy them as a second, third or fourth machine and NOT as their primary work machine.  They are too slow and too limiting for most tasks anyway.  Some of these reviews-and those in other magazines as well-just do not make any sense.  One machine that looked good and had lots of great features mustered only a 4.5 rating while another, which seemed to be a lesser machine but from a more well known brand, got a 7. I have yet to figure out why.  Reviews really seem more of personal opinion these days than real, honest reviews.

Do we really need to ‘loan’ General Motors billions of dollars that may or may not be repaid?  Should we reward to poor management of this company by bailing it out of the jam it got itself into?  I’m kind of torn with this.  While part of me does not want a half million people to be unemployed, the other part of me thinks we should let the company fail.  They are too big to be efficient, have too many cars that are the same and they always seem to play catch up.  GM’s biggest problem is it’s massive payroll and redundant makes.  Do we really need Pontiac AND Chevrolet?  Maybe GM should divest itself of one or two domestic brands and several of it’s foreign makes.  Trim the fat and prove you can manage yourself and I’d be ok with that ‘loan’.  Otherwise, fuggitaboutit.


9 thoughts on “Macbreak Weekly, Computer Shopper reviews and other things to rant about

  1. Ahhh yeah, since he is on xm radio I catch one of his shows…. this title "The Tech Guy" bothers me just because whom does he think he is to claim THE title???? Not to mention that most of his stuff is softball, very little tech involved. Is Microsoft going to these folks and pitching using Live versus google????The whole bailout is crap but yeah the Detroit companies really bothers me. No money until they move all of the plants they moved out of this country back!

  2. Leo Laporte is ok. His waffling between Windows and Mac gets old, but he’s a decent guy. Used to co host a show on the old Tech TV channel called ‘The Screen Savers’ with Patrick Norton and Kevin Rose (of Digg). The whole ‘THE’ thing is the original radio station’s call, if I remember correctly. When Leo hosts ‘Windows Weekly’ with Paul Thurrot, he’s much more complimentary. When he is on Macbreak Weekly, he trashes Windows, but also tries to present the Microsoft side-I am assuming that he does so to promote some debate, but the show is still a ‘lets all feel good, warm and fuzzy ’cause we use Macs and we all know how much better we are.’ Gets a bit thick at times. I do try to keep up with all things Apple.I still think they need to fix Leopard. It is a disaster, you know.

  3. I have never been much of a Mac user, but I do computers for a living, not a shot at Mac but I need computers to run code, crunch numbers so Mac has not been something I have had to interact with; all of the other stuff is extraneous. Mac hardware is by far better than the competition and they use that to tout Mac over Apple….I listen to his Net at Night podcast via Zune and he is an entertainer but I think that takes away from it. I don’t make this specific to him, Graveline is another one, they advertise their content as provide information on computers, internet, etc… yet they are really entertainers more than technical. Its not all of their fault either. Google wedged themselves well to be a household name so people just say "Google it" because it is easier to say than "go to your preferred search engine and do some research". And I am not trying to be all Windows Live fanboy here, they also exclude Yahoo not to mention a few lesser known search engines, there is one that I can’t remember the name right now but I know the local Humane Shelter asks that you use it because they donate money to their cause.

  4. I’ll admit it: I am a Windows Live Fanboy. No shame here! : )If you do remember the name of the charitble search engine, let us know. I wouldn’t mind plugging and using them to help out the Humane Shelter. Worthy cause indeed.

  5. I added the link to my Space. Already clicked.I used to do Netware myself…waaaaaay back in the Netware 286 and 2.2 days. I’m old.

  6. Yeah, I remember Windows 286 and GEM Desktop…. I have been doing this for over 20 years. As for that clink, you can register so that it sends you an e-mail every day to remind you to click with the link right in it.

  7. I think I still have a copy of Windows 286 around here somewhere. I know I have Windows 3.1 on about six or seven diskettes. Win 286 fit on three, I think. GEM Desktop…poor Gary Kildall. His gui wannabe. I really think Mr. Kildall got a bum rap with the whole IBM and CPM myth. Hmmm….there’s a post there.

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