Thoughts on Windows 7

I stumbled upon a page that is devoted to Windows 7 today.  Called Windows 7 Center, the site contains lots of information and screen shots for Windows 7.  According to this page, Windows 7 public beta is to be released on January 13, 2009.  That falls in line with what I’ve read on other sites and what Paul Thurrot has been saying.  It is, though, the first hard date I’ve seen. 

I’d like to try Windows 7 and am anxious to see if Microsoft really has corrected many of the UI flaws in Vista and earlier versions of Windows.  Consistency has been a problem for Microsoft.  According to what the reviewers have been saying, Windows 7 is far more consistent and the UI has been tweaked ‘everywhere’. 

I am pretty happy now with Vista’s performance, so I’m anxious to see what they have done both under the hood and above the hood.  Fixing things like the font dialog, the common dialogs and making the control panel easier to use will go a long way in making Windows 7 a worthy upgrade.

ATI has a set of beta video drivers ready. That’s a far cry from Vista.  It looks like other companies are also working on beta drivers and the issues we had with compatibility when Vista was released seem to be non-existent.

Mr. Thurrot is thinking that Windows 7 will come out in early to mid 2009.  Since the January beta is going to be the only beta release, it seems that Windows 7 is nearly fully baked. Thurrot is thinking that the public beta will come out in January, the release candidate to follow a couple of months later and the ‘gold’ release in April with a June release.  That would put Windows 7 well under the three year release cycle that Microsoft had previously announced.  Since Windows 7 should run on lesser hardware than Vista, I think we’ll see some ‘netbooks’ released around the same time and they will run Win 7.  A two hundred dollar laptop running Windows 7 would be killer.  It would likely kill the market for Linux based netbooks.

One thing is for sure, Microsoft has likely killed Vista standalone sales.  People will still buy machines with it installed, but I doubt many will buy the boxed versions once Win 7 goes into production next year.  While I like Vista, I won’t be shedding any tears for it when Win 7 comes out.  And I won’t be spreading stupid petitions to save the operating system.  I have far better things to do than that…like writing about people spreading stupid petitions.

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2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Windows 7

  1. Thanks for the info, John M. Nice to see someone from Microsoft found my blog, though this particular post is from 2008.I’ve succesfully migrated all my machines, save one, to Windows 7. The other is on Vista Ultimate, which is where that one will stay since I would lose those ‘extras’ that did come out.

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