News Nybbles

  • iPhone is coming to Wal-Mart.  Wal-Mart will be selling the popular Smartphone, but not at the $99 price that was originally rumored.  So, what’s the point then?  If I want an iPhone, I’ll go to the Apple store.  I guess the only good reason would be if there is no Apple or ATT store in your area.  December 15th is the rumored start date.  I wonder how reliable that date is…
  • Google will be selling unlocked Google phones.  The phones, called Android Dev Phone 1, will sell for $400 and is aimed, primarily, at programmers who wish to gain experience with the phone.  The phone is compatible with any cell phone SIM card.  If you are interested…I see that glint in your eye…you can go here for more information.
  • Great Britain is recalling it’s warship that watches over the Falkland Islands.  Due to cuts in the size of the fleet, the HMS Northumberland will go on pirate patrol off the coast of Somalia.  The last time that Britain recalled ships from the Falklands, Argentina decided it would ‘protect’ the Islands by force, resulting in the Falklands War.  Britain won that one.  Here’s to their victory over the pirates.
  • United Press International is still around.  This is not really news, but I was surprised to find UPI’s web site.  I thought they faded away long ago.  When was the last time you saw a UPI byline?
  • Instant film is officially dead.  Almost.  Polaroid has already announced it’s demise (back in 2007.)  The end of production is scheduled for February of 2009.  That makes February a bit more notable since the end of analog television broadcasting is scheduled for February 17.
  • The Tribune Company has filed for bankruptcy protection.  The company filed for protection on the day that a 70 million dollar debt came due.  They have a 13 BILLION dollar debt due to the leveraged buyout by Sam Zell.  Tribune owns the Chicago Cubs baseball team, which is not part of the filing.
  • BREAKING!!!!!  THE single most important iApplication for the iPhone is here:  HOLIDAY YULE LOG.  For two dollars, you too can have this application…a MUST for the season.  It includes such Christmas staples as Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole and Peggy Lee.  Go get it now. 

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