Zune Syncing…manual sync mode

I still keep reading where people are complaining about the Zune software removing content from the device after they delete content from their PCs.  I keep wondering why you’d do that, but, apparently, it bothers some people to have their music in more than one place.  I really, really don’t get that, but whatever.  Personally, I keep my digital content in multiple places, not just on my computer and Zune.  Depending on where you PURCHASE your digital content, you may or may not be able to re-download it if you lose it.  I don’t like taking that chance.  I’ve had several hard drive failures in my time and have lost some important files because I did not back them up.  Even for CDs that I’ve ripped, I still make backups since I have no desire to re-rip those CDs.  Likewise, I do keep the CDs as well.

Anyway, for those who are deleting your files from your computer and ONLY HAVING THEM ON THE DEVICE, here is how you can keep them only on the device.

Start your Zune Marketplace software.  Click the SETTINGS link in the upper right corner.  Next, in the upper left, click DEVICE.  The sync options screen should show.  On the right side, click the MANUAL SYNC option.  It says ‘I will add and remove music, videos, and pictures individually.’  Next, click OK and the setting will then be set.  From now on, you will have to manually add files to your device.  Note that podcasts and channels content will still sync automatically since they are considered dynamic content.

To remove content from your Zune, connect it to your computer and start the Zune Marketplace software if it is not already started.  Next, click the Zune icon in the lower left.  The device’s content will display.  Select the category that you wish to manage (i.e. Music, Videos, Pictures, etc.) Scroll through the display until you find the item you wish to remove and right click it.  Select the ‘Remove from’ option and select it.  The item is now gone from your device.

That’s all there is to it.  Simple, huh?  Be careful, though. If you do not have a copy of your file anywhere else, your will lose it permanently.

To each his own, but having a backup somewhere, to me, seems pretty smart.  Hard drives are pretty cheap these days, so I would advise, at the very least, to get an external drive, like Western Digital’s My Book line.  You can get them just about anywhere and in almost any size from 160gb up to a terabyte (that’s 1,000 gigabytes) and all of them are under $200 with many under $100. 


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