$500 Kindles? Really?

Amazon sold out of the Kindle eReader recently and has posted on it’s web site that there is an 11 to 13 WEEK back order on the device.  Since then, though, they have been offering small quantities of refurbished devices for $329.  I noticed that there are used Kindles being offered by individuals (and stores, I presume) on both Amazon and eBay for anything from $399 to $999(US).  The bulk of the devices seem to be in five hundred dollar range. Seriously?  Who is going to pay five hundred bucks for these things? $399 is pushing it, but $500?

Ok, so if someone REALLY, REALLY wants one for, say Christmas, they will pay what ever they feel they have to pay to get one.  It’s kind of sad that people would offer these things for so much, but whatever.  I really hope few will buy them at these very high prices, the most egregious of which are on eBay. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love my Kindle, but I would not pay these prices.  I think Amazon is pushing it a bit by charging $329 for a refurb, but at least you KNOW what you are getting.  You have no idea what that $500 or more is getting you with one of these things.  Prudence is key here.

I hear Target is selling the Sony eReader for about three hundred dollars. While it is far from a Kindle, it might be a better buy than laying out almost twice as much for someone else’s Kindle.  Then again, it is a Sony product, which means it is already overpriced and has features few will want.  The device also lacks WIFI or any kind of wireless access.  On second thought, there are a few Kindles in the $400 range…


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