Picasa 3, Opera 10 and more Kindle

Picasa 3

Google released Picasa 3 a while back, but I just now got around to downloading and trying it out.  Version three is not a huge change from version 2, but there are enough new features to definitely make it worth downloading.  The interface, while not too different, is cleaner than previous incarnations.  The application seems a bit snappier and thumbnails seem to be improved.  There is a new sync to web feature and there are more options for photo correction and collages.  I think the movie maker feature is better as well.  You certainly have more rendering options.  All in all, it’s a worthwhile update.

Opera 10

I downloaded and installed the Opera 10 alpha today.  I have to say, it is pretty quick.  I’m not much on browser speed, but Opera 10 is fast, much faster than Firefox or Internet Explorer.  The interface is clean and well organized.  The add tab feature includes something called speed dialing in which you can specify upto nine pages and when you add a tab, you can select one of these pages to load or load an empty tab.  Other interesting features include slide out panels for history, options, links, etc.  Included themes are the Opera standard, which looks really nice and the native Windows theme.  The alpha, so far, is very stable.  I could be very tempted to use this instead of Firefox and alongside Internet Explorer.


Ever in search of new things for any device I own, the Kindle has received it’s share of attention lately.  In searching out more web sites that are devoted to Kindle and trying to learn what I can about this wonderful little device, I stumbled upon Kindlefeeder.com.  This is an rss aggregator website.  What you do is create an account for yourself and then select the rss feeds that you want delivered to your device. The service is free for now and works well enough.  You designate the feeds you want delivered to your device, the method and time and presto!  The magic happens and your off reading your material.  What you get is one file that contains the feeds listed as a table of links that are then opened when you click on the link.  Very nice.

I also found the Kindle Reader blog.  Kindle Reader is a nice blog that features book reviews, news about all things Kindle as well as tips and other items related to Amazon and ebooks.



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