Another iPhone lawsuit

Apple has had it’s share of lawsuits, mostly of dubious merit.  Another has been filed, this time by a company called EMG Technology.  EMG contends that the Safari browser used in the iPhone violates a patent they hold.  The patent covers the ‘simplified interface of reformatted mobile content to provide an optimum viewing and navigation with single touches on a small screen.’  EMG is seeking damages and an injunction against Apple.

The patent, granted in October of this year, covers internet content that is reformatted from HTML to XML on mobile devices.  76 claims are made in the patent as well as claims for zooming and scrolling.  The patent was filed in 1999. 

EMG admits that it did not even offer Apple a chance to license the ‘technology’ and has no plans to go after any other company.

I cannot imagine why EMG would not even offer Apple the opportunity to license it’s patent (I’m not going to refer to it as ‘technology’ again) and make money from royalties.  That it is seeking damages and an injunction just seems a bit petty and a grudge against Apple. 

It seems to me that, even in 1999, this stuff was obvious and does not deserve a patent to begin with.  It is yet one more example of how broken the patent system really is.  It is bogus patents like this that do nothing but stifle creativity and competition.  Incredible.


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