Jason Calacanis, Tesla and smarts

Mr. Calacanis is an enigma to me.  On the one hand, he’s a very intelligent, charismatic and successful businessman.  On the other hand, he sometimes comes off as a bit teen like.  Now, don’t get me wrong, acting teen like is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, in Mr. Calacanis’ case, it probably is a result of his enthusiasm and passion.  He is a young person, but no longer in his twenties (I don’t know how old he is, in fact) and uses any and all technology to his benefit.  Seemingly, he is constantly on the go and, as such, uses services like Twitter and his mailing list to get his message out.  He has, however, given up the one thing he was known for: blogging.  He writes mostly to his email list now.  I think that is ok.  I have signed up (you can too, here: http://www.tinyurl.com/jasonslist) and have, so far, gotten several really well written, well thought out messages from him.

The message today, a rebuttal to a posting in the New York Times about the Tesla car company, was another well thought out message.  In it, Calacanis defends the Tesla company and it’s desire to seek out a four hundred million dollar loan from the government that would be repaid, with interest, and is not part of the bail outs that the government appears to be willing to give.  (I cannot post the message here, but The Huffington Post got permission from him and it is here.

Tesla, for those who do not know, is a startup car maker specializing in electric vehicles.  I’m not going to use ‘green’ because nothing that is manufactured is totally green.  What I will say is that Tesla’s are greener than your average combustion engine vehicle would be.  Tesla currently has one vehicle on the market, a hundred thousand dollar sports car.  Mr. Calacanis purchased one of the first and now enjoys his new car.  For that, he has taken a great deal of criticism. He writes about it frequently and shares photos of the car.  I don’t really understand why anyone has a problem with this.  If you don’t want to hear about the car, just don’t follow him.  You KNOW he is going to talk about it. Why not?  He earned his money and what he wants to do with is his business.

I always enjoy listening to him when he makes appearances on This Week in Tech, hosted by Leo Laporte.  I may not always agree with him, but he makes lots of sense and is doing very well, so has to be right quite a bit of the time.  Mahalo, his latest web venture, gets better and better and Engadget-part of his former WebLogs, Inc company (he sold to AOL a while back) is THE place to go for gadget news.

I only have one question about this whole Tesla business…when will they develop a car that I can afford? How many Duracell’s will I need? (ok, that’s two.)  Ok, one more…when is going to appear with Dvorak again?


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