Can Apple save the Netbook? Huh?

So, I was reading through some headlines and see ‘Can Apple save the Netbook?’  Naturally, I had to read it. It is a story on PC World Online.  The story, by Neil Mcallister, contends that there is no innovation in the Netbook market and that prices have steadily gone up.  While price and feature creep have gone up, what’s there to innovate anyway?  ‘Real’ notebooks can be bought for the same or less.  The only real advantage to the Netbook is size.  Having a small portable, but not Smartphone small, is pretty useful.  Sometimes all you need is to check email, surf the web or write a short document. Netbooks are great for that.  So, there does not really need to be much more ‘innovation’ before they become just little laptops anyway.

The author goes on to say that he wants Apple to make a Netbook as they would certainly innovate.  Maybe so.  However, Apple does not know how to make something inexpensive enough to even qualify as a Netbook. They have even said so.  The article does point that out.  Netbooks are a niche market and are doing ok, but it is not a market I can see Apple entering.  Of course, I did not see them making a cell phone either.  What do I know?  If they did make one, it would probably cost about two hundred more and the Mac fans would buy them in droves.  Normal people would stick to the cheap ones.

This is market that does not need to be rescued by Apple.  These machines have a very targeted market and are of limited appeal.  Apple’s involvement in the market would do little to enhance it.


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