News Nybbles

Here are some stories that caught my eye, in no particular order…

  • Nearly one million PC’s cleaned of fake anti-virus.  Microsoft reports that it’s malicious software removal tool has cleaned nearly one million PC’s of the fake tool.  The malware, which went by many names including System Antivirus 2008, XPert Antivirus and Vista Antivirus 2008 was more annoying than destructive.  It planet software that alerted the user that their machine that pops up messages explaining that the machine is infected and directs them to purchase more in order to stop the popups.  Annoying, indeed.
  • Apple’s ‘big black friday’ turns out to more of the same.  This company does not know what ‘big’ means when it comes to savings.  They still want people to regard them as a ‘premium’ brand.   Nevermind that the iPod is pretty much a commodity now and is on sale at quite a few places. Why go to Apple’s store for them?
  • The Large Hadron Collider to be offline much longer than thought.  A liquid helium leak in September caused damage to the doomsday machine and will take longer to repair.  I guess doomsday will have to wait a little longer.
  • Nintendo’s Wii a big hit on Black Friday.  Contrary to many doomsayers-MSNBC, I am looking you-Black Friday has turned out be a bright light ‘in these dark economic times.’  Leading the charge was the Nintendo Wii.  Using internet statistics, the Wii was the top product search on and  eBay reports over 3,100 Wiis sold on eBay for an average price of $349-nearly one hundred dollars more than it’s retail price.  Amazing for the machine that was not supposed to STILL be on top.
  • Amazon’s Kindle has an 11 to 13 week backlog, but you can get one today…if you don’t mind a refurb unit.  Amazon is now selling newly refurbed units for $329.  That’s a bit high for a refurb, but you CAN this amazing device much quicker than waiting for a new unit.
  • Motorola cancels it’s newest Razr cell phone.  No loss here.  Razr has grown long in the tooth and Moto really needs something new and fresh. It needs something soon, too or it will be on the outside looking in.
  • Space Shuttle lands in New Mexico after two scuttled attempts in Florida.  Bad weather prevented the shuttle from landing at Kennedy and was diverted to New Mexico.  The shuttle is fresh from it’s mission to supply the space station with new rooms, a waste water recycling system and basic repairs.  It was, however, minus one tool belt.


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