Cool Black Friday Items really, really cheap

Today is ‘Black Friday’, the traditional day in the US where stores pull out all of the stops to get people into those stores and spend money.  They usually attract buyers by featuring certain products at pretty good prices, hoping those buyers will spend money on other, higher priced items as well.  Problem is, these ‘doorbuster’ deals are usually in very, very low quantities.  Plus, you need to wait in long lines, hoping that you are one of the lucky few to get said items.  Generally, people will start to line up around 2 am or earlier.  It is an odd, fascinating and sometimes ‘fun’ event. 

Well, in the spirit of Black Friday,  I have gathered up some links below to some really, really cheap or free things that you can download and put together.  The links are to papercraft or cardboard builiding sites.  I have included some useful things like iPhone holders, iPod cases, docks, other useful items.  There are also a few links to some not so useful, but cute items that any geek would like.


Floppy Disk uses

Fun stuff


Papercraft is a fun and sometimes useful hobby.  There are lots of great websites that have free patterns or can point you towards companies that specialize in the hobby.  I encourage you to give some of the look and maybe get your kids involved (assuming, of course that have children.  If not, give it a shot anyway.)  There are some really amazing things that can be done with paper.


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