Give one, get one OLPC laptops now available

180px-LaptopOLPC_a The One Laptop per Child XO Laptop is now available to the general public once again. As before, it is a two-for deal: You buy two, one for yourself and one destined for a child somewhere on the planet.  The price is $399 and is eligible for Free shipping.

The OLPC is a stripped down, bare bones and ruggedized laptop.  Meant to be used in harsh environments and by, primarily, children.    It features a 1200×900 dual mode display, a webcam, a custom Linux operating system and Wi-Fi as well as something called ‘mesh’, which is not the Microsoft Mesh, by the way.  Mesh, in this case, is sort of like a peer based networking scheme.  The laptop was designed to consume a little power as necessary.  It lacks a hard disk, but does have a one gig flash drive and 256 mb of RAM.  It’s user interface is something called Sugar and easily used by children.

You can read more and purchase the laptop from the Half Byte store. Laptop Magazine has a hands on review of the innovative little laptop here.  The Wikipedia entry is here and, finally, you can download a live cd version of Sugar here.


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