Malware hits OS X again…and, again, no concern

Two reports of malware surfaced this week for the Mac OS X operating system.  Both cases require the user to download the package and then enter their password WHEN PROMPTED BY THE OS.  (Tangent:  so, it is perfectly acceptable for both Linux and OS X to prompt the user to allow something to run, yet Vista does that and gets derided for it?  This is truly a ‘WTF’ moment…) The malware packages do things like mount a disk image, change DNS settings and other shady things. 

Of course, since I read about these on the TUAW website, the typical ‘we’re ok cause we use Macs and aren’t dumb like Windows users’ mentality prevailed in both the articles and comments.  The comments, especially, just reinforce, yet again, the idea about Mac elitism and smugness.  Case in point:

“Ebel3003 said 2:45PM on 11-21-2008
I’ll begin worrying as soon as you don’t need to be completely computer illiterate to become infected.”

Umm…yeah.  Now, I listen to several podcasts that feature mostly Mac die-hards, including Macbreak Weekly and This Week in Media and have heard, repeatedly, the panel members say they don’t really worry about things when surfing the ‘net and downloading files.  They pretty much said just how cavalier they are, so…I’m thinking Mr. Ebel3003 is either putting up a front and trying to be smug or he’s just ignorant about his fellow Mac users. (To be fair, not all Mac user’s are like this. I’d bet most are not, but it is the vocal ones who give them a bad name.)

The flood gates are cracked a little.  It won’t be long before they are wide open and the Mac “community” will need a row boat to stay afloat.  Let’s see how smug they are then.

Links to the TUAW posts:


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