Hard Rock Park still has some hope

The park, near Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, closed in September after it’s Maximum RPM Rollercoasterowners filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy.  Some of the investors involved in the park, more or less, forced them to put the park up for sale.  There are at least three parties interested, one of which has said they would re-open the park, presumably maintaining the music and Hard Rock theme and name. Another interested party has said they would not re-open the park but would, instead, dismantle it and move it’s rides and attractions to other venues.

I hope the park remains and re-opens.  It was a fun little park with plenty of promise. If, however, it is dismantled, I hope it would be by Cedar Fair and they relocate the Maximum RPM rollercoaster and the Nights in White Satin attraction here to Kings Dominion.  Those are two of the cooler attractions at Hard Rock.  Nights in White Satin is beyond description, it is one of those things best experienced.  While drunk, perhaps. 

This park opened a year too early or, possibly, a year too late.  I really think the economy-gas prices, specifically-are what led to the park having problems.  The somewhat high admission price and parking fee didn’t help.  Charge thirty bucks for admission and five dollars – or nothing – for parking and they’d fill the place up with people.  They don’t so now they are stuck between a … oh, I’m not gonna say it.  You know what I mean.

A Visit to Hard Rock Park on YouTube


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