Flights of fancy-Star Trek’s universe get closer everyday

Yesterday, I read where anti-matter can be created, released, whatever by shooting a very high powered laser at certain materials for a given time.  Today, I read about NASA deploying interstellar Internet.  I prefer to think of that as the ‘sub-space relay’.  Seriously, NASA has tested the Disruption Tolerant Network or DTN, rather, NASA has tested the beginnings of this new network.  Modelled on the way the Internet works, DTN can handle delays, disruptions and other factors just like the Internet.  Subspace radio, anyone?

NASA has already used ION drives in a few space craft but who can doubt that warp drives are on the way, what with the work being done with anti-matter and all that cool stuff.

What about transporters?  Well, work has been done there too.  Years ago, light photons were successfully transported.  Light photons are one thing, people, though, quite another.  The energy to disassemble a person and then put them together would kill them first.  Of course, isn’t that what it does?  Create a copy, destroy the original?

Personally, I just want the replicator and holodeck.  Oh, right.  Replicators are a step closer with the three dimensional printer and holodecks are pretty dang close too.  Immersive gaming and things like World of Warcraft could arguably qualify, though you cannot directly touch and interact in a 3-D environment, it seems people do get submerged in fantasy.  Just like this posting.

Ain’t tech cool?


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