NASCAR Nybbles

  • DEI and Chip Ganassi Racing to merge operations: Announced today (11/12/08) by DEI and Ganassi, the two organizations will field four teams next year with Martin Truex Jr, Juan Pablo Montoya, Aric Almirola and a fourth, yet to be named driver.  No other details given.  DEI fields Chevrolet powered cars while Ganassi is committed to Dodge power.  I wonder who wins.
  • Brian Vickers will move to the 83 Red Bull car for this weekends final race of the season.  He hopes to get the car back in the top 35 in points.  Scott Speed will drive Vicker’s number 84 Red Bull Toyota powered car.
  • Brian France Jr says that ABC was within it’s rights to move the FINAL 34 minutes of last Sunday’s race to ESPN2 so they could air America’s Funniest Home Videos.  He was not happy about it, but it is in the contract that NASCAR has with the network. Hmm…makes sense to me…you pay millions of dollars for the broadcast rights to a major sporting event only to move the final portion of said event so a ten dollar crap shoot gets aired.  Way to go ABC.
  • The first hybrid pace car will pace the field at Homestead this weekend.  Big deal.  It will be news when the race cards are hybrids.
  • Hall of Fame Racing, which is now owned by the Arizona Diamondback’s execs Jeff Moorad and Tom Garfinkel (I guess Troy Aikman and Roger Staubach couldn’t handle it) is considering a partnership with Wood Brother’s Racing.  Hmm, yeah, that’s gonna be great.  If HOF Racing could not do anything with it’s partnership with Joe Gibb’s Racing, what the heck do they think they can accomplish with such a has-been organization? 

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